The Philippines: Friendship bamboo event held in Beijing

The International Network for Bamboo and Rattan (INBAR) together with the Philippine Embassy in China jointly organized a bamboo planting event in Beijing. INBAR director general Ali Mchumo, and Philippine Ambassador to China Jaime FlorCruz attended the event. 

Speaking at the bamboo planting ceremony, Mchumo said that bamboo is a fast-growing, vigorous, and very desirable renewable resource for environmental protection and climate change combating. The Philippines is one of the nine founding members of INBAR, which has supported the Philippines in bamboo projects involving awareness raising, basic research, and skill training over 25 years of cooperation.

The ambassador gave a welcome speech at the bamboo planting ceremony. He said that the Philippines is one of the many countries most vulnerable to climate change. Climate change seriously affects the environment, economy, and human life, and is an environmental issue that has been a key concern for many countries. The Philippines is committed to addressing climate change and supports the goals and objectives of INBAR in the hope of creating a climate-stable and nature-friendly environment. He said that with the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the establishment of World Environment Day, it is significant to hold a bamboo planting event at the embassy.

After the speeches, Mchumo and FlorCruz planted bamboo together.

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